Founded in Nashua, NH in 1992 by Dr. Peter J. Stein, Scientific Solutions Inc. (SSI) is a pioneer in defense applications of active SONAR. SSI maintains a diverse team of engineers which thrives on the novel challenges presented by early research and prototype work.

While SSI has built its reputation on tackling diverse problems, we strive to lead the industry in our core fields of active SONAR hardware and signal processing.


Why do we reach further?

Specializing in

Harbor Security

SSI’s Harbor Defense Sensor Network (HDSN) driving our swimmer detection sonar nodes performs at the forefront of harbor defense systems and integrates readily with a wide array of sensor technologies.

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Marine Mammal Safety

SSI has worked extensively on active acoustic monitoring (AAM) of marine life. Advancements in AAM have the potential to reduce shipstrikes and other harassment and injury from commercial activity.

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Sonar Design & Prototyping

SSI has the acoustics and fabrication experience to tackle novel hardware design challenges

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Signal and Data Processing

With closely married hardware and software development teams and working relationships with innovators at the bleeding edge of high-performance computing, SSI stands ready to tackle your digital signal processing challenges from chip to chart.

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Arctic Research and Deployment
From sensor housings which actively protect sensitive equipment from some of the harshest natural co...
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Clients and Collaborators