Gerry Santos

Gerry Santos holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts as well as a masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Northern Colorado.

Mr. Santos’ career now includes more than thirty years experience covering all aspects of live Range / At-Sea and distributed network Testing & Evaluation (T&E) as well as in Ranges technology, implementation and management in both the T&E and Training domains. Most of both the T&E and NAVSEA testing experience has been in a leadership role. Early experience addressed Range survey problems, direction (as Lead Scientist) of multi-ship ocean engineering installations of complex undersea acoustic measurement and tracking array systems, design, conduct and evaluation/analysis of Research and Development Testing & Evaluation (RDTE) and pre-deployment testing of submarines, torpedo and surface ships; renovation and redesign of shore-based data reduction and tracking systems.  Diversified technical and project management experience in a wide variety of development and target computer environments. Planned, staged, operated and reported on complete tracking and measurement Range installations in the High Arctic under severe and hazardous environmental conditions. More recent work has included designing, staging and conduct of the first (and subsequent) distributed simulation exercises in the US Navy. Directed the team which implemented the first distributed simulation of a live submarine operating on-Range training with a laboratory generated simulated torpedo 1500 miles away. Functioned as Navy Deputy for both the Foundation Initiative 2010 (FI 2010) project and its predecessor. Led the Team that built the first prototype of the Test & Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) middleware. Led the FI 2010 “Cadre” – the technological and programmatic leveraging arm of FI 2010 being skilled at communication, organization, and problem solving. Team-oriented with a future view.

Mr. Santos is presently the “User Coordination Lead” for the TENA project and the  Joint National Training Capability (JNTC) Instrumentation Support Team Lead.