Tidal Turbine Monitoring

Scientific Solutions is currently in development and testing of a new application for our active SONAR systems: the protective monitoring of marine life near oceanic installations. This application has the potential to revolutionize the way we operate undersea equipment in both near-shore and off-shore settings and enable the responsible and safe utilization of the natural resources.

Inspired by our work on intruder and terrorist detection SONAR networks and the need to protect marine mammals in the face of increasing demands on ocean resources, we are applying many of our existing technologies to specialized active SONAR systems for the detection and tracking of marine mammals to mitigate the risk of negative impacts from in-ocean operations such as renewable power generation.

The first installation of such a system is currently undergoing testing in conjunction with the Ocean Renewable Power Company’s beta TideGen tidal power generator installation in Eastport, Maine – the largest ocean power generator deployment in the US history. This installation is currently utilizing our existing swimming intruder SONAR node design and has already been successfully utilized to track targets mimicking marine mammals down to the size of pinnipeds.